In order to achieve institutional goals, we need leaders and workers that are physically and mentally sound. Dr. Selam Aklilu Founder and CEO of Wellness Health Services

September 23, 2023
Ministry of Labour and Skills has given training to senior and middle executives focused on physical and mental health. As the head of the Ministry of Labor and Skills, Mrs. Mekelela Bargecho stated in a message when the training started, following the reform implemented by the Ministry of Labor, and Skills, the management and staff at every level are taking different knowledge and skills trainings. They said that the training that is being given now is aimed at creating healthy manufacturers and effective employees. The founder and CEO of the Wellness Health Service who gave the training Dr. Selam Aklilu, on his part, the country will lose a lot in the lack of health in the workplace. In order to reduce the problems caused by poor health at work place and increase productivity, you can bring a tangible change just by doing 10 simple physical exercises for health. Dr. Selam has pointed out that the movement called “World Health Abiyet” to create an active leadership and worker that connects the mind and the mind. The minister said that in order to achieve the institutional goals set by his office, physical and mental health leaders and workers are needed.
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